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Exquisite Peony Bouquets

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Bouquet of 9 peonies "Modest smile" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet of 9 peonies "Modest smile"
45.00 €
Monobouquet "Rendezvous" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Monobouquet "Rendezvous"
from 45.00 €
Monobouquet of peonies "Velvet" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Monobouquet of peonies "Velvet"
25.00 €
Bouquet "101 moments of happiness" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet "101 moments of happiness"
404.00 €
Bouquet "Peony compliment" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet "Peony compliment"
44.00 €
Composition "Whisper of the Soul" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Composition "Whisper of the Soul"
65.00 €

    Explore our exquisite collection of peony bouquets, carefully crafted to bring beauty and joy to any occasion. With our convenient delivery service, you can easily send these stunning floral arrangements to your loved ones or treat yourself to a touch of luxury.


    Our Peony bouquets are meticulously designed by our skilled florists, who understand the artistry and significance of every bloom. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply want to brighten someone's day, our Peony bouquets are the perfect choice.


    At our flower shop, we prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. With our user-friendly online platform, you can browse our selection, choose the perfect peony bouquet, and easily place your order. Our reliable delivery service ensures that your chosen bouquet arrives at its destination promptly and in pristine condition.


    When you send a peony bouquet from our flower shop, you're not only gifting flowers but also sending an expression of elegance and sophistication. These stunning arrangements, featuring the captivating beauty of peony flowers, are bound to make a lasting impression on your loved ones.


    Customer reviews
    Liza 10.05.2022 00:30

    Excellent bouquets and timely delivery. I decided to make an order here because I heard a lot of good reviews. I recommend this store.

    Sophie 28.12.2021 00:30

    Amazing delivery service - flowers, as promised, are fresh, and fully match the image on the website. Moreover, the order was accepted by a very polite manager.

    Peter 15.02.2022 06:30

    Thanks to your company, I made a pleasant romantic surprise for my girlfriend. She was extremely surprised by such beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers!

    Oliver 03.11.2021 16:43

    I ordered a bouquet for a girl for her birthday. For a long time I could not decide on the choice, embarrassment of riches from the number of bouquets. Thanks to the florists for a nice bouquet.

    Jan 05.04.2022 01:00

    I ordered a bouquet from you for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Very fresh flowers, a beautiful bouquet and brought on time.

    Robert 27.05.2022 02:45

    I am very pleased with the work of this store. I ordered a bouquet for my parents in another city. It turned out that the flowers are even more beautiful than in the photo. Moreover, excellent value for money, and delivery is not late.

    Charlie 13.09.2022 13:42

    I ordered flowers for my wife's wedding anniversary. She was very pleased, she enjoyed the bouquet for a long time. And the fragrance of the flowers was simply delicious!

    Mia 20.07.2022 13:26

    I ordered flowers from you for my mom's birthday. I was very pleased when I saw the bouquet. A very beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Brought, too, by the way, in time!

    Alfie 18.09.2021 17:32

    I recommend this flower delivery site. The bouquet fully meets expectations. Delivered on time. I give a rating of 10 out of 10.

    Rita 19.03.2022 01:45

    I say thank you to all your employees who are trying for the sake of their customers! Such professionalism still needs to be looked for!

    Patrick 19.01.2022 01:30

    In my opinion, you have the best flower delivery service! I'm more than happy. Thanks!

    Isabella 19.10.2021 17:33

    I want to mention the excellent work of the website and florists. The bouquet was delivered exactly on time as agreed. Everything is intuitively simple and clear.

    Godelieve 22.03.2022 04:30

    I have never received better flowers and bouquets! My husband ordered a flower delivery for me and I was very happy with such a gift, because it is clear that they collected it with love.

    Emily 30.08.2022 13:36

    I am very glad that I have started cooperation with you! For all holidays I order flowers only from you. Good luck to you!

    Mark 07.04.2022 03:45

    You have a wonderful service with responsible employees! Keep working in the same spirit!

    Donald 14.06.2022 01:00

    Great store! I am very excited. For the first time I saw such a conscientious delivery and a huge selection of bouquets! I am impressed with the quality of service.

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