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Best flower bouquets with orhids in Belgium

White orchid Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
White orchid
30.00 €
Yellow Orchid Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Yellow Orchid
30.00 €
Purple Orchid Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Purple Orchid
30.00 €
Pink orchid Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Pink orchid
30.00 €
White and yellow orchid Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
White and yellow orchid
30.00 €
Fuchsia Orchid Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Fuchsia Orchid
0.00 €

    Bouquet of orchids - chic and grace


    Despite some capriciousness of the orchid, it does not lose its glory and always remains a desirable flower. Her delicate fragrance permeates every cell of the body and will never let go - people fall in love with an orchid at first sight and forever. By presenting a bouquet with an orchid, you will definitely not lose - the recipient will be happy.


    Phalaenopsis is the most popular orchid!


    Orchids are very popular, and phalaenopsis, also called butterfly orchid, surpasses them all! The trendy, elegant and colorful phalaenopsis orchid is the perfect gift for family and friends. Suitable for all occasions, she is a welcome guest at birthdays and weddings, but she is also perfect for gratitude or just because. A phalaenopsis flower in the shape of a butterfly is a fascinating sight for the eyes, complemented by a palette of colors from white to pink or purple and from shades of apricot to salmon. Thanks to our network of florists across the country, we can deliver your orchid anywhere in Belgium. Just order an orchid online and we'll do the rest!




    Ordering a bouquet: how does it work?

    Do you want a bouquet of orchids delivered today? It's easy with City Flowers! Thanks to our cooperation with more than one hundred florists throughout Belgium, we will quickly and accurately deliver the order to any city in the country:



    Tips for orchid care

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    Ann 08.12.2021 16:37

    I would like to express my special gratitude to the florist who collected my bouquet! All the flowers are fresh and beautiful, and the bouquet itself is just a sight!

    Maria 20.02.2022 01:00

    I always trust the delivery of bouquets only to you ! Wherever I am, you are always there and always helping. I have already ordered bouquets through you many, many times and they were all very beautiful!

    Monique 27.01.2022 00:30

    I am in love with your service! Everything is on the level! I always recommend your company to everyone! Thank you very much

    Thomas 30.10.2021 17:09

    I really like this delivery. A very client-oriented company with a professional approach to its business!

    Oliver 07.07.2022 13:20

    I recommend your company to all my friends! I have never met such responsible and fast workers before. I order bouquets now only from you!

    Jan 05.04.2022 01:00

    I ordered a bouquet from you for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Very fresh flowers, a beautiful bouquet and brought on time.

    Riley 14.08.2022 13:30

    I have been your client for a long time and for all this time there has not been a single bad bouquet. All the flowers are perfect and fresh. I recommend your company to all my friends!

    Jessica 23.10.2021 17:26

    Always delighted with your florists. You are great fellows!

    Mia 19.10.2021 17:16

    I've been using it for a long time. I highly recommend it, always beautiful compositions, fresh flowers. They deliver on time, the managers are very responsive

    Mia 20.07.2022 13:26

    I ordered flowers from you for my mom's birthday. I was very pleased when I saw the bouquet. A very beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Brought, too, by the way, in time!

    Mark 07.04.2022 03:45

    You have a wonderful service with responsible employees! Keep working in the same spirit!

    Heather 11.11.2021 17:22

    I ordered a bouquet with a postcard. I wanted to make a surprise for Mom! The courier arrived on time, I bet 5+!

    Marleen 09.04.2022 02:30

    I often order bouquets from you to please myself. A huge and diverse selection of colors! And most importantly, it is very easy to place an order.

    William 01.11.2021 17:01

    The flowers were delivered on time, fresh, luxurious. The birthday boy is very pleased with the surprise. Thank you for the excellent service!

    Godelieve 22.03.2022 04:30

    I have never received better flowers and bouquets! My husband ordered a flower delivery for me and I was very happy with such a gift, because it is clear that they collected it with love.

    Amber 25.06.2022 04:45

    I ordered a bouquet from you for my mom. She lives in another city. Very convenient delivery in cities. Mom was delighted with the flowers she received. I will definitely contact you again and will recommend you to my friends!

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