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Red roses with gypsophila Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Red roses with gypsophila
from 63.00 €
Bouquet Darling Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Darling
from 30.00 €
Bouquet Lilith Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Lilith
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Fox Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Fox
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Romance Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Romance
from 30.00 €
Bouquet Inspiration Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Inspiration
from 32.99 €
Turkish delight Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Turkish delight
from 32.50 €
The Queen Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
The Queen
100.00 €


Bouquet Freckles Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Freckles
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Spring Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Spring
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Bride Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Bride
from 32.99 €
Bouquet Roses&Chrysanthemums Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Roses&Chrysanthemums
from 35.99 €
Bouquet Playfulness Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Playfulness
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Gift Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Gift
from 45.00 €
Bouquet Sweetness Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Sweetness
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Sunny Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Bouquet Sunny
from 30.99 €


Roses with gypsophila Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Roses with gypsophila
from 63.00 €
Rose Belgium Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Rose Belgium
31.50 €
Pink roses Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Pink roses
from 63.00 €
Red roses with baby's breath Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Red roses with baby's breath
from 63.00 €
White roses with gypsophila Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
White roses with gypsophila
from 63.00 €
Pink roses with eucalyptus Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Pink roses with eucalyptus
from 63.00 €
Red roses with eucalyptus Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Red roses with eucalyptus
from 63.00 €
Snow-white roses Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Snow-white roses
31.50 €


Flower arrangement Harlequin Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Flower arrangement Harlequin
30.00 €
Flower arrangement Pink Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Flower arrangement Pink
39.00 €
Flower arrangement Cream Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Flower arrangement Cream
32.00 €
Flower arrangement Radisson Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Flower arrangement Radisson
48.50 €
Flower аrrangement  Mirabella Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Flower аrrangement Mirabella
52.00 €
Flower аrrangement  Spice Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Flower аrrangement Spice
59.50 €
Flower arrangement Pulse Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium
Flower arrangement Pulse
75.50 €
Terms & Conditions
How to make an order?
It is very easy to place an order in our online store. First of all, you need to choose a bouquet and add it to your shopping cart. Go to the checkout page and fill in all required fields. Make sure you enter the correct address and phone number of the recipient. Pay in a convenient way. You will receive an order confirmation by email. We do the rest ourselves.
How can I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order only online on the website. There are several methods available such as credit card, PayPal, ApplePay, etc. All available payment methods can be found on the checkout page.
Can I place an order without knowing the recipient's address?
Sure. In this case, the administrator will definitely contact the recipient to clarify the time and delivery address. However, if you wanted to make a surprise, the administrator may not talk about flowers when they call. Let us know in the comment to the order.
Can you make a bouquet based on my photo?
Of course, you can, just send us a photo of the bouquet by e-mail - [email protected] or call the manager.
Is the confidentiality and security of information guaranteed?
Naturally. In its work, our company uses data exchange protocols only with secure payment systems. We have the appropriate certificates for all used payment systems. In addition, we do not store customer bank card details anywhere. And the client's personal data is not transferred to third parties, the recipient has only one way to find out the sender's name: a postcard, if any.
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Why are we?

Best florists

Any of our bouquet is a work of art, thanks to experienced florists, and our competent managers. They are always ready to answer any question and help with the choice!

Delivery on time

We always deliver our bouquets in time for those you want to please, no matter how far they are from you.

Guaranteed quality

We work only with the best suppliers around the world. We guarantee the highest quality of flowers and bouquets.


Fast flower delivery with City Flowers

We have a lot of experience and without interrupting we replenish our database of florists for you and your loved ones. Thanks to these advantages we guarantee high service and fast delivery. We will help you to please yourself, your loved ones or friends with or without a reason!

You can arrange flower delivery for any occasion: birthday , wedding , birth of a child, wish recovery to a loved one, as well as flowers for a funeral. Our assortment also includes special collections for such occasions as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

Flower delivery service throughout Belgium

Our goal is to deliver the bouquet you ordered to any point of the country efficiently and quickly. You will be able to share your emotions and feelings through distance!

City Flowers delivers bouquets, flower arrangements and potted plants all over the country.. We provide high-quality and fast flower delivery to Aalst, Brussels, Liege, Namur, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp and many other cities in Belgium. We carefully choose florists, which allows us to guarantee and quickly deliver fresh, beautiful bouquets throughout the country.

Flower delivery on the day of the order

Delivery on the same day is possible provided that the order is placed before 14:00 from Tuesday to Friday or before 12:00 on Mondays and Saturdays.

Delivery for a certain time is not carried out. The desired delivery time is guaranteed only for mourning flowers. Our florists and couriers will do their best to deliver the flowers by the right time but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the flowers will be delivered exactly at the specified time.