Flower delivery to Belgium
Flower delivery to Belgium
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Our collection of bouquets available for delivery in Belgium

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Type of flowers
Flower аrrangement  Spice Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Flower аrrangement Spice
59.50 €
Bouquet Romance Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Romance
from 30.00 €
Flower аrrangement Energy Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Flower аrrangement Energy
75.00 €
Bouquet Gift Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Gift
from 45.00 €
Bouquet Lilith Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Lilith
from 30.99 €
Flower arrangement Pulse Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Flower arrangement Pulse
75.50 €
Bouquet Bride Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Bride
from 32.99 €
Bouquet Fox Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Fox
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Sunny Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Sunny
from 30.99 €
Mono-bouquet Summer sun Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Mono-bouquet Summer sun
from 35.00 €
Bouquet of 9 peonies "Modest smile" - delivery all over the Belgium Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet of 9 peonies "Modest smile" - delivery all over the Belgium
45.00 €
Florist Design Red Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Florist Design Red
from 34.99 €
Bouquet Balance Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Balance
from 30.99 €
Monobouquet "Golden mood" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Monobouquet "Golden mood"
from 25.00 €
Monobouquet "Rendezvous" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Monobouquet "Rendezvous"
from 45.00 €
Pink florist surprise Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Pink florist surprise
from 34.99 €
Joy of life Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Joy of life
from 45.00 €
Monobouquet of peonies "Velvet" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Monobouquet of peonies "Velvet"
25.00 €
Bouquet Inspiration Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Inspiration
from 32.99 €
Florist design in white Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Florist design in white
from 34.99 €
Bright sun Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bright sun
from 35.00 €
Bouquet "101 moments of happiness" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet "101 moments of happiness"
404.00 €
Red roses with baby's breath Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Red roses with baby's breath
from 63.00 €
Florist's choice - Yellow Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Florist's choice - Yellow
from 34.99 €
Bouquet Traffic light Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Traffic light
from 30.99 €
Summer style Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Summer style
from 25.00 €
Bouquet "Peony compliment" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet "Peony compliment"
44.00 €
Red roses with gypsophila Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Red roses with gypsophila
from 63.00 €
Bouquet Spring Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Spring
from 30.99 €
Florist favorite Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Florist favorite
from 34.99 €
Composition with sunflowers Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Composition with sunflowers
from 25.99 €
Composition "Whisper of the Soul" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Composition "Whisper of the Soul"
65.00 €
Florist Design white/fuchsia bouquet  Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Florist Design white/fuchsia bouquet
from 400.00 €
Bouquet Lights Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Lights
from 34.99 €
Big bouquet with purple orchids Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Big bouquet with purple orchids
from 200.00 €
Bouquet Red berry Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Red berry
from 37.99 €
Bouquet Roses&Chrysanthemums Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Roses&Chrysanthemums
from 35.99 €
Bouquet with orchids and roses "Feminine silhouette" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet with orchids and roses "Feminine silhouette"
from 150.00 €
Flower аrrangement  Mirabella Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Flower аrrangement Mirabella
52.00 €
Bouquet Playfulness Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Playfulness
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Wonderful Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Wonderful
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Freckles Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Freckles
from 30.99 €
Bouquet Harmony Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Harmony
from 32.00 €
Flower аrrangement Vera Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Flower аrrangement Vera
45.00 €
Bouquet Darling Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium»
Bouquet Darling
from 30.00 €

A bouquet instead of a thousand words

A flower as a certain symbol a word - each has a special meaning conveys feelings and speaks for you. Collecting a bouquet we seem to make up a sentence that expresses our emotions more vividly than any conversations. Whether it's a declaration of love or a pleasant compliment floral messages will convey everything exactly and will not miss the details. 

How to make a bouquet?

Making any bouquet is primarily a search for the most beautiful combinations. It's like a poet finds a rhyme, and a musician finds a chord. For example, by giving a bouquet, you want to tell a person of the heart "I'm waiting for our next meeting", so the perfect combination will be a hydrangea (means sincere hope), an orchid (as a sign of tenderness and love) and a rose (says "I'll be waiting for you"). It is worth noting that the color of the bud is no less important - often the meaning changes from the shade of the flower: white hyacinth means constancy, and yellow - jealousy. 


Ordering a bouquet: how does it work?

Do you want the bouquet delivered today? It's easy with City Flowers! Thanks to our cooperation with more than one hundred florists throughout Belgium we will quickly and accurately deliver the order to any city in the country:

As soon as your order is placed, it will be processed by our support service and transferred to the local florist. Having created a bouquet it will be immediately transferred for delivery.

What are the meanings of different colors?

If you want to come up with an offer of flowers yourself we suggest you get acquainted with some of the meanings of popular flowers:


We deliver flowers to  AalstBrusselsLiegeNamurGhentBrugesAntwerp and all over Belgium.


Customer reviews
Mia 20.07.2022 13:26

I ordered flowers from you for my mom's birthday. I was very pleased when I saw the bouquet. A very beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Brought, too, by the way, in time!

Amber 25.06.2022 04:45

I ordered a bouquet from you for my mom. She lives in another city. Very convenient delivery in cities. Mom was delighted with the flowers she received. I will definitely contact you again and will recommend you to my friends!

Christiane 03.03.2022 00:30

Your bouquets accompany all our holidays. I entrust this matter only to you! The flowers are always fresh and they are delivered on time.

Lily 24.10.2021 17:36

I ordered a bouquet here for my grandmother's birthday. Very nicely packaged, the postcard came in handy and beautifully fit into the composition.

Oliver 03.11.2021 16:43

I ordered a bouquet for a girl for her birthday. For a long time I could not decide on the choice, embarrassment of riches from the number of bouquets. Thanks to the florists for a nice bouquet.

Bob 27.07.2023 13:36

I chose a bouquet "florist's choice". Fantastic flower selection from your florist. She was impressed!

Monique 27.01.2022 00:30

I am in love with your service! Everything is on the level! I always recommend your company to everyone! Thank you very much

Charlie 22.10.2021 17:07

Ik wil de medewerkers van het bedrijf bedanken voor het prachtige boeket dat vandaag werd geleverd. Ik zal nu gebruik maken van uw diensten.

Anna Frolova 19.07.2023 13:10

Very nice!

Rita 19.03.2022 01:45

I say thank you to all your employees who are trying for the sake of their customers! Such professionalism still needs to be looked for!

Maria Natalia 28.10.2023 18:50

So beautiful .. thank you !! The best ♥️♥️

Ann 08.12.2021 16:37

I would like to express my special gratitude to the florist who collected my bouquet! All the flowers are fresh and beautiful, and the bouquet itself is just a sight!

Mirko 12.03.2024 17:56

I wanted to express my appreciation for the quick delivery of the flowers. Thanks for the excellent service and beautiful flowers!

Maria 18.01.2024 17:55

The delivery of my flowers was fast and efficient. The bouquet looked exactly like the picture on the website. A great experience!

Riley 14.08.2022 13:30

I have been your client for a long time and for all this time there has not been a single bad bouquet. All the flowers are perfect and fresh. I recommend your company to all my friends!

Patrick 19.01.2022 01:30

In my opinion, you have the best flower delivery service! I'm more than happy. Thanks!

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