Flower delivery to Belgium
Flower delivery to Belgium
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Sunflower bouquets in Belgium

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Mono-bouquet Summer sun Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium Not available
Mono-bouquet Summer sun
from 35.00 €
Monobouquet "Golden mood" Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium Not available
Monobouquet "Golden mood"
from 25.00 €
Joy of life Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium Not available
Joy of life
from 45.00 €
Bright sun Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium Not available
Bright sun
from 35.00 €
Summer style Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium Not available
Summer style
from 25.00 €
Composition with sunflowers Title «CityFlowers» in Belgium Not available
Composition with sunflowers
from 25.99 €

    Beautiful bouquets of sunflowers! What could be better


    If you are looking for something bright, beautiful and unusual, then this bouquet is definitely for you.


    Our sunflower bouquets are a unique combination of colors and shapes that will not leave anyone indifferent. Sunflowers are a symbol of summer, warmth and joy, and our team of professionals create bouquets that embody all these feelings.


    We use only the finest flowers to create our sunflower bouquets. Each flower is hand-picked to ensure the perfect fit and quality, and we make sure each bouquet is delivered fresh and beautiful.


    Our team can create a sunflower bouquet for every taste and occasion, from anniversaries and weddings to a simple gift basket. We offer various options for decorating bouquets, such as adding greenery, floral decorations, etc. We can also gift wrap your bouquet and deliver it directly to your recipient's door.


    Ordering a bouquet: how does it work?


    Would you like a classic bouquet delivered today? It's easy with City Flowers! Thanks to our cooperation with more than one hundred florists throughout Belgium, we will quickly and accurately deliver the order to any city in the country:


    Choose a bouquet from the above
    Determine the size of the bouquet
    Fill in all the data (recipient's name, delivery address, etc.).


    As soon as your order is placed, it will be processed by our support team and transferred to the local florist. Having created a bouquet, it will immediately be transferred for delivery.


    Customer reviews
    Bogdan A 06.06.2023 13:12

    Thanks for service.

    Amber 25.06.2022 04:45

    I ordered a bouquet from you for my mom. She lives in another city. Very convenient delivery in cities. Mom was delighted with the flowers she received. I will definitely contact you again and will recommend you to my friends!

    Marleen 09.04.2022 02:30

    I often order bouquets from you to please myself. A huge and diverse selection of colors! And most importantly, it is very easy to place an order.

    Patrick 19.01.2022 01:30

    In my opinion, you have the best flower delivery service! I'm more than happy. Thanks!

    Maria 20.02.2022 01:00

    I always trust the delivery of bouquets only to you ! Wherever I am, you are always there and always helping. I have already ordered bouquets through you many, many times and they were all very beautiful!

    Peter 15.02.2022 06:30

    Thanks to your company, I made a pleasant romantic surprise for my girlfriend. She was extremely surprised by such beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers!

    Christiane 03.03.2022 00:30

    Your bouquets accompany all our holidays. I entrust this matter only to you! The flowers are always fresh and they are delivered on time.

    Isabella 19.10.2021 17:33

    I want to mention the excellent work of the website and florists. The bouquet was delivered exactly on time as agreed. Everything is intuitively simple and clear.

    Godelieve 22.03.2022 04:30

    I have never received better flowers and bouquets! My husband ordered a flower delivery for me and I was very happy with such a gift, because it is clear that they collected it with love.

    Sophie 28.12.2021 00:30

    Amazing delivery service - flowers, as promised, are fresh, and fully match the image on the website. Moreover, the order was accepted by a very polite manager.

    Jessica 23.10.2021 17:26

    Always delighted with your florists. You are great fellows!

    Liza 10.05.2022 00:30

    Excellent bouquets and timely delivery. I decided to make an order here because I heard a lot of good reviews. I recommend this store.

    Robert 27.05.2022 02:45

    I am very pleased with the work of this store. I ordered a bouquet for my parents in another city. It turned out that the flowers are even more beautiful than in the photo. Moreover, excellent value for money, and delivery is not late.

    Mayrose Seelmann 05.02.2023 22:32

    Sorry. There is a misunderstanding. My sister sent me her old flower and I didn’t know she was joking …. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAST SERVICE & the AVAILABILITY to deliver within 24 hours. I ordered the small size because I wanted to see if it will work since I have no experience buying sending online. Thanks for understanding ! And thank you

    Emily 13.10.2021 17:05

    Our mother is delighted with the bouquet!!!)) Your golden hands have created an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

    Alfie 18.09.2021 17:32

    I recommend this flower delivery site. The bouquet fully meets expectations. Delivered on time. I give a rating of 10 out of 10.

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